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Starting your own business can be daunting.

If you are a creative entrepreneur, coach or educator, you might be interested in building a business that is easy to manage, a place where you can do what you love while making recurring revenue. I share how to start building your own successful online business. You will find a complete roadmap to help you attract your ideal clients, turn your creativity, passions and purpose into recurring profits ...

How to start your business in
6 easy steps...

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Starting your own business, you need to know and understand your tax obligations.

There are many daunting tasks for entrepreneurs and business owners when starting a new business. Managing a business can become overwhelming, but not more daunting than navigating one's way through the world of TAX!

Tax is something that everyone has to pay and is levied on Income and Profits received...

When Starting your Business, ensure to know your Taxes...

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Preparation is the key to breakthrough!

If you expect a certain outcome from your efforts, but you do not prepare for it, you might as well expect disappointment as a result.

I learned, when starting my businesses, there is a lot of stuff I never knew, never even thought about and things no-one ever told me. It took me way longer, with many disappointments and heartache, many mistakes and failures, to eventually realize things...

7 Things people don't tell you about starting a business...

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As an entrepreneur and business owner, you have to make various adjustments and mindset changes around hiring experts to assist with the growth of your business.

Most often it is a scary road to travel on and many people refrain from hiring or outsourcing support to help them in their day-to-day tasks of managing their business.

This results in staying stuck in a certain mindset, procrastinate on certain goals, and sometimes even causes us to move backwards rather than progressing forward.

3 Things to know before working with a
Virtual Accountant...

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In this Blog post, I share 8 benefits of coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Let us define the term Coaching before we look at the benefits of Coaching:

According to the Cambridge Dictionary - 
"Coaching is the act of giving special classes in sports, a school project, or a work-related activity, especially to one person or a small group"

According to Google coaching has many definitions - but the definition that really speaks to me is the one found in Wikipedia

8 Benefits of Coaching for Entrepreneurs...

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