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Your business is growing but your profits are not. You know you need more hands but resources are limited. 

To help you accelerate your business growth and reaching your goals faster, you need systems, support and solutions.

Features include:

✔   Cruising Package features
✔   Full Business Compliance
✔   Intensive Taxation & Legal Services
✔   Business Strategies & Coaching

 your accelerator package

Get access to unlimited email support, a team that is dedicated to answer your business questions, point you in the right direction and provide you with Business Boosters to accelerate your actions

email support 

Get access to a business membership - a vault of business resources to help you take the next steps in your business with the support and knowledge you need with weekly business coaching sessions & annual business retreats to up-level your end game

business coaching 

Our affiliated entity, B.O.S.S. Profits, provides Business Marketing Strategies to help you grow your online presence, become visible to your ideal clients and create irresistible offers to increase your profits with sales systems, automation and guidance

business strategies 

Our partners are Internationally accredited Taxation Consultants who can assist in all tax matters, whether local or global. You have access to a panel of Tax, Legal and Accounting experts when you need them most

intensive tax & legal planning 

As your business grows, your compliance requirements increases and managing the deadlines can be overwhelming. We take care of ALL your compliance include CIPC Annual Returns Workmen's Compensation Returns and Tax Clearance Certificates

full business compliance

Everything you need to run your business as smoothly as possible from access to Cloud Accounting, Simple Payroll and Taxation to a registered Accountant and business advisory

your cruising package 

your accelerator package will get you to reaching your goals faster & more realistically


- Jay da Silva

"Your business strategies helped me to increase my online efforts without compromising on resources and it helped to increase my bottom line, thank you so much!"

- Sunja de Oliveira

"I'm so happy I found you! I am able to finally get the results I was looking for without breaking the bank. You are a gem and everything just works!"


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