I'm Yvette

Nice to Meet You

I'm a child of God, wifey to a gorgeous "George Clooney lookalike", mother of two, 9-5 escapee and Certified Accountant turned Business Building Strategist. 

As a solo entrepreneur for more than 16 years, I learned how to evolve, empower and self-educate to stay in front of mind, on top of trends and find effective, results-driven solutions.  I am a strong believer in finding, living and pursuing our purpose to be the only way to a fruitful, prosperous and fulfilling life. 

My purpose to serve others create opportunities to help various entrepreneurs and business owners to find their "reason for being" and make an impact by using our gifts, talents and passions. Coaching and mentoring come naturally and relationship building helps me to share my real-life experiences, challenges, and knowledge to help others grow.

"i help entrepreneurs build online sales solutions to live a life of purpose, freedom and impact "

Since 2004, when my Accounting Firm was founded, I aim in providing quality, affordable and efficient business solutions. My experience in every industry possible, taught me the abundance of talents and the possibilities of growth using those talents. Though I have a strong accounting, taxation and legislation background, what really fuels me, is working directly with entrepreneurs.

Yes, numbers will always be my equalizer but being and doing the "normal" is my kryptonite.

Assisting entrepreneurs, especially the creatives, coaches and "not so ordinary" ones out there, inspires me! I do not think like others and usually I do not say the right things at the right times, but I am real. I like to keep things simple. I aim for practical and results-driven outcomes. I am committed and dedicated to find better ways doing ordinary things. I will always over deliver and if I am wrong, I can admit it. 

Which brings me to why I do what I love...

For far too long have I accepted the hamster wheel to be my fortune. I always knew life should not be this difficult, unrewarding and purposeless. But I never took the courage to find another path until 2019.

"There is good to be found in every bad thing", is my true perspective on all challenges, especially when the pandemic hit. During 2020 I discovered how to pursue a new journey, find my super-fuel and how to magnify my superpowers. 

My "reason for being" comes down to teaching others what I know. I probably should have become a teacher instead of an accountant but hey, now I have more to share with you!

This foundation is why I decided to include these 3 strategies into my approach:
  1. Money, 
  2. Mindset and 
  3. Marketing
I call them my M&MM's of business building

Money mastery has always been part of my life and early on I realized how difficult it is for most entrepreneurs to learn it, let alone master it. Mindset, I believe, is the key to master anything in life, and good coaching and how it can transform us and bring true breakthrough.

Implementing the right sales strategies helps with Marketing your business to easily grow your visibility, increase your profits and help more people. 

Marketing has never appealed to me until I found the spark that lights up my flames! I never liked sales, my first job as a cold telesales girl for an Insurance Broker made me hate every second of those 3 months! But, in 2019 I enrolled into a "Digital & Social Media Marketing Course" that changed my whole perspective about marketing. Today, it is the very tool I use to help other business owners increase their profits and grow their online visibility!

Frameworks with step-by-step processes, planning and preparing are key words that clearly describe my strengths and I love using these strategies to help others move forward. Organizing and automation provides room to put attention on more demanding areas such as creating good quality content that answers your audience's questions and build lasting relationships.

I invite you to journey with me on a path to purpose, freedom and success.

On this journey, we will make many stops, mostly to enjoy the view, take many photos but importantly to evaluate our progress, celebrate our wins and refocus on our next destination.

Your bags packed?

love yvette xo

whats next?